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Epic Meal Time Net Worth of 6 Million Dollars

Epic Meal Time is a Canadian baking show and web video series which has a net worth of six million dollars. Epic Meal Time is most likely most famous for operating an incredibly popular Youtube channel where they include videos of the team creating extravagant meals. The show is both comedy and how to system and also features Harley Morenstein, Josh Elkin, David Heuff, Tyler Lemco, Alex Perrault, and Ameer Atari. The number of friends cooks very high calorie meals, with such ingredients as bacon and Jack Daniel's. The team launched the show of theirs soon after they posted a video recording of Morenstein eating a six patty, 18-bacon-strip cheeseburger at Wendy's, which subsequently accrued tens of a huge number of views. Modeled after the stunt show, "Jackass", the series reveals the friends consuming oily, high calorie servings that they model themselves, most often combining a couple of fast food items and/or alcohol. As of this writing, the youtube channel of theirs has approximately seven million members and over 760 million video views. In addition to splitting revenue with advertisements which are shown on the videos of theirs, Epic Meal Time has a popular type of T Shirts, a video game, a cookbook and an iPhone App. The success of theirs has allowed both Morenstein, a former instructor, and Toth, a former graphic designer, to give up the careers of theirs to focus regular on their budding media kingdom.

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