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Edward Furlong Net Worth of 100 Thousand Dollars

Edward Furlong net worth and salary: Edward Furlong is an American musician and actor with a net worth of hundred 1000. Getting the start of his as a kid star, the first prominent role of his playing the young John Connor in the movie Terminator two: Judgment Day in 1991 was gained by Edward Furlong. He then proceeded to star alongside Jeff Bridges in American Heart, and got his next Saturn Award nomination for Pet Sematary 2. Furlong additionally released an album in 1992, called Hold on Tight. The record was launched in Japan and included a cover of the Doors' People are Strange." Born in Glendale, California in August of 1977, Furlong identifies as Mexican good and "half Russian." At the age of fifteen, Furlong started dating the 29-year-old tutor of his, Jacqueline Domac. Even thought the 2 eventually split in 1998, involved with legal issues, the 2 became interested with Domac eventually serving as the manager of his. In 2006, Rachael Bella was married by him, and the couple's son, Ethan, came into this world later that season. But, the 2 filed for divorce in 2009. They stay married but are legally separated. Furlong has also struggled with substance abuse, including both alcohol and drugs. During 2013 he went to rehab to stay away from jail sentence for an arrest on domestic violence.

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