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Eddie Cibrian Net Worth of 1 Million Dollars

Eddie Cibrian is an American actor with a net worth of one million. But Eddie Cibrian is not famous for his net worth? on the contrary, it's the performances of his in popular TV shows as CSI: Miami and Third Watch which are the claim of his to fame. Cibrian's career began in soap operas like the Young and the Restless and Sunset Beach? he actually landed a job on the infamous Baywatch Nights. Furthermore early in the career of his in TV acting, he could be seen on shows as Sabrina the Teenage Witch, Saved by the Bell: The College Years and Beverley Hills 90210. Cibrian is also no stranger to the world of huge screen films, having appeared in several films, most recently The Cave. In addition to the career of his as an actor, Cibrian briefly functioned as a singer at a boy band called 3Deep together with his Young and the Restless costar Joshua Morrow. His most current big gig was on the upcoming NBC drama The Playboy Club, a Mad Men influenced drama set in the 1960s.? When the show was on, he earned hundred 1000 per episode of The Playboy Club.

Cibrian's personal life has not been completely free from tabloid controversy. In 2009, he separated from his very first wife Brandi Glanville amid rumors that he was having an affair with country star LeAnn Rimes. Shortly after these rumors had been proven correct, his wife was divorced by him, and he and Rimes were wed in 2011. His ex wife Brandi Glanville is the newest star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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