Don Johnson Net Worth of 40 Million Dollars

Don Johnson is an American actor, producer, director, and singer songwriter with a net worth of forty million dollars. Don Johnson is probably best known for the role of his as James "Sonny" Crockett in the 1980s television viewing series "Miami Vice". Johnson came into this world in Flat Creek, Missouri in 1949. His family moved to Kansas as he was 6 years of age. Right after participating in the Faculty of Kansas, Don Johnson studied drama in the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco. In 1969 he received the very first major role of his in the Los Angeles stage production of Fortune and Male's Eyes, in which he had the lead role. Johnson continued working on stage as well as on television viewing and film for more than a decade without breaking away into stardom. Finally, right after a string of pilots that went nowhere, Don was cast in "Miami Vice," which rapidly became cultural touchstone and a hit of the 1980s. Johnson won a Golden Globe for the part of his on "Miami Vice". From 1996 2001 Johnson returned to television viewing to star in the show "Nash Bridges". Don Johnson has appeared in a selection of films including "Tin Cup", "When in Rome", and "Django Unchained". He recently appeared on the HBO series "Eastbound and Down". With ex wife Melanie Griffith, he's the dad of the actress Dakota Johnson.

Don Johnson Financial and Legal Cases

In 2006, rumors began spreading that Don was experiencing difficulty staying in touch with a 10.6 million mortgage on his 17 acre Aspen Colorado ranch. In May 2008, a bank was reportedly twenty four hours from foreclosing on the home. With just a few hrs to go before the foreclosure formally started, Don paid off 14.5 million worth of debt to the bank saving his property.

In 2010, Don sued Rysher Entertainment, the production company which produced the show Nash Bridges of his. In the lawsuit, Don claimed that Rysher had not given him the syndication sales he was owed as fifty % owner of the show's copyright. In July 2010, a jury sided with Johnson and awarded him 23.2 thousand. Rysher initially announced that they will appeal the verdict however in 2013 the company paid Johnson nineteen million.

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