Darryl McDaniels Net Worth of 45 Million Dollars

Darryl McDaniels is an American musician with a net worth of forty five million dollars. Born in Harlem, in 1964, New York, Darryl McDaniels is a founding member of renowned hip hop group Run D.M.C. He attended St. John's Faculty and learned how to DJ in his parents' basement, taking the stage name "Grandmaster Get High" in the late' 70s. Later, he took up rapping and changed the name of his to "Easy D" before becoming "DMcD" afterward "D.M.C." in 1981. He and the friends of his, Joseph "Run" Simmons and Jam Master Jay, released the self titled debut of theirs in 1984. The third album of theirs, "Raising Hell", became the very best commercial success of theirs, reaching the sixth spot on the Billboard 200 and topping the hip hop charts. D.M.C. started drinking during this period, with several arrests stemming from alcohol misuse. In the late' 90s, he fell into a depression, fueling the addiction of his to alcohol and prescription drugs. Shortly afterwards, he was identified as having a vocal disorder. He soon began having creative disputes with the bandmates of his and only had a tiny job on the "Crown Royal" album. As D.MC. fell deeper in the depression of his, he credits Sarah McLachlan's "Angel" with saving the life of his. Right after hearing the song, he soon began looking into the life of his for an autobiography and discovered he was followed. The search for the birth mom of his was a sizable part of his 2001 autobiography, "King of Rock: Respect, Responsibility, and The Life of mine with Run DMC", and was featured on the VH1 documentary "DMC: The Adoption Journey" of mine in 2006. The year, the debut solo album of his, "Checks Thugs and Rock N Roll", released. He's been featured on several video games, including "Guitar Hero: Aerosmith" and "The Warriors". D.M.C. is active with several charities and created a camp for foster kids. He received the Angels in Adoption Award from Congress in 2006 for the work of his with children.

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