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Danielle Steel Net Worth of 385 Million Dollars

Danielle Steele is a prolific American novelist with a net worth of 385 million. Even thought upon the parents divorce of her moved to New York City, Danielle Steel was created August fourteen, 1947 in New York City, NY. much of the early childhood of her of France was spent by her. She started writing poetry as a teen, and graduated from Lycee Francais de New York in 1965, subsequently attended Parsons School of Design and later on New York Faculty, studying fashion design and literature design. She started writing her first manuscript at 19, shortly after the marriage of her to first husband Claude Eric Lazard. Following the birth of the child of theirs she became a copywriter for an advertising company, ad then worked at a public relations company in San Francisco.

She divorced from Lazard 9 years later and shortly before the divorce was finalized, released the first novel of her Going Home. She married two times a lot more to some convicted rapist Danny Zugelder, and heroin addict William Toth, each marriages ended shortly. Her novel Passion's Promise and also Remembrance both parallel her failed marriages. She married once again in 1981, published a book and another novel of poetry throughout 1984, and also in 1989 was mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Records for having a book on the new York Times Bestseller List for 381 consecutive weeks. Even thought the marriage ended in 1999, married and steele divorced all over again to Tom Perkins. The 2 have since written novels about one another. Even thought it closed in June of 2006, throughout 2003 Steele opened an art gallery in San Francisco. She has currently written over 70 novels and works of fiction, picture books, and children's literature

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