Damon Thomas

Damon Thomas Net Worth of 1 Million Dollars

Damon Thomas is a music producer that worked with Babyface in songwriting and production for artists as Dru Hill and Pink and has a net worth of one million. Damon Thomas earned the net worth of his as being a songwriter and music producer. In 1999 he teamed up with Harry Mason Jr and produced a single for singer Tyrese, "I Like Them Girls". The duo has worked with a selection of R&B performers, some of them Lionel Richie, Omarion, J. Valentine, Fantasia, Ne-Yo, Ruben Studdard, Chris Brown, Stacie Orrico, Nancy Wilson, Mario Vasquez, JoJo, Mario, Olivia, Donell Jones, Joe, Katharine McPhee and more. Recently, the duo produced Monica's single "Sideline Ho". The Underdogs is an R&B/pop manufacturing duo composed of Harvey Mason, Damon Thomas and Jr.. In 2011, The Underdogs reunited to produce "Up two You" for Chris Brown's the song and album "F.A.M.E." "Living Proof" with Mary J. Blige for motion picture "The Help". He co wrote the song "Can't Wait", which was performed by Avant. He's especially known for the Black Reel Award of his and for a Grammy Award Nominalization. He was married to Kim Kardashian from 2000 via 2004. In February of 2010, a former maid sued both Kardashian and Thomas for failing to cover service rendered. Throughout 2012 Damon Thomas filed for bankruptcy in California.

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