Daisy De La Hoya

Daisy De La Hoya Net Worth of 250 Thousand Dollars

Daisy de la Hoya is an American actress, musician, and reality tv personality with a net worth of 250 1000. Daisy de la Hoya gained popularity after becoming a contestant on the VH1 reality TV series Rock of Love two. Bass was recorded by her & backing vocals for Seraphim Shock's album Halloween Sex N Vegas and toured with them in 2004. She released the very first single "Heartbreaker" of her in 2007 and also released "Pretty Messed Up" found 2008. In 2009 she received her very own VH1 reality television viewing series titled Daisy of Love. Her latest single was "Addicted to Love". Daisy is involved with the charity PETA and is a spokesperson for To Write Love on The Arms of her. As an actress she starred in the movies Text in 2008, and Pageant and Hick vs. Playmate found 2011. She also starred in the 2013 documentary Skum Rocks!

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