Courtney Love Net Worth of 150 Million Dollars

Courtney Love is an American actress and musician with a net worth of 150 million. Courtney Love was born Courtney Michelle Harrison July nine, 1964 in San Francisco, California. An ever present pressure the heyday of alternative rock music and a founding member of the band Hole, Love has definitely left a mark on the entertainment business. Courtney and late Nirvana front male Kurt Cobain were married and had a daughter named Francis Bean in 1992. The couple was widely known for the drug use of theirs, a favorite being heroin. Shortly after Cobain's suicide in early 1994, Hole released their best album, Live Through This, that went platinum and also, together with Cobain's death, helped take Love coming from the underground scene directly into the limelight.

Courtney's net worth is largely derived from the ownership stake of Nirvana that she inherited when Kurt died. Upon the death of his from committing suicide, Courtney inherited both Kurt's publishing and posting rights which were estimated at 130 and 115 million respectively. Courtney additionally has a vast assortment of Kurt's personal effects including guitars, notes, clothing, along with other items that are estimated at more than 120 million. Throughout 2009 Courtney shocked the media when she said that nearly all of the money she got from Kurt's estate was taken or forfeited by accountants and unhealthy monetary advisers. At the moment she claimed the losses included thirty million in cash and also as much as 500 million in real estate.

Previously holding small roles in Sid and Tapeheads and Nancy, Love earned a Golden Globe nomination in 1998 for Best Actress for the role of her as Larry Flynt's wife Althea in The People vs. Larry Flynt. She also portrayed Lynn Margulies, girlfriend of Andy Kauffman, in Man on the Moon. Hole disbanded in 2002 after a number of tentative bouts with brand new band members. Even thought audiences and critics panned albums as America's Sweetheart and Nobody's Daughter, like released a solo career with the help of producer & Smashing Pumpkins front male Billy Corgan. She's also released an autobiography entitled Dirty Blonde. In 2009, a reunion was announced by Hole and performed publicly together for the first time on February twelve, 2010. Rolling Stone magazine has deemed Love "the most controversial girl of roll" and rock but still tends to make headlines, largely in part to the stake of her in Nirvana's catalogue and controversial actions.

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