Christine Cavanaugh

Christine Cavanaugh Net Worth of 4 Million Dollars

Christine Cavanaugh was an American voice actress that received a net worth of four million. Cavanaugh had an unique speaking like which graced a sizable variety of cartoon characters through the career of her. She's best famous as the voice of "Chuckie Finster" found Nickelodeon's Rugrats, "Gosalyn Mallard" found Darkling Duck, "Dexter" in Dexter's Laboratory and also as the title voice in the 1995 movie, Babe. She came into this world in 1963 as Christine Josephine Sandberg in Layton, Utah and began working in voice over acting in 1986 as "David" in David and the Magic Pearl. By 1991, both Darkwing Duck and Rugrats was being voiced by her and developed up rather a successful career in each film and television with the following 2 years. By the precious time she retired in 2001, she'd appeared in, or carried out voice over work in forty one television shows & finished work in sixteen films. Cavanaugh's guest star looks included television viewing shows like Salute The Shorts of yours, Cheers, Empty Nest, Wings, The X Files, Everybody Loves Er and Raymond, and her supporting roles in include films included appearances in both Soulmates and Jerry Maguire. Throughout 1985, she married Kevin Cavanaugh however, the couple divorced in 1988. She lived the days of her in Los Angeles until December twenty two, 2014 when she passed out in the age of fifty one.

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