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Christian Louboutin Net Worth of 85 Million Dollars

Christian Louboutin is a French shoe designer who has a net worth of eighty five million dollars. Christian Louboutin is famous for the work of his in female's footwear, which host the signature red of his, lacquered soles which can be seen while walking. He first began designing shoes as a teenager, when he'd sketch the ideas of his rather than studying or doing homework. He also came out in several French films which allowed him making friends with different designers backstage. He's said to have been first drawn to shoes in 1976 after seeing a sign that banned stilettos from putting in a certain building, so they wouldn't damage the hardwood floors. Louboutin said he later employed that sign in the shoe designs of his, working to "Create something that broke rules and made girls feel confident and empowered." He's likewise said to have helped make some stiletto shoes popular throughout the late 90s & promptly 2000s. Throughout this time he designed a selection of shoes that hosted pumps that were 4.72 inches or greater, with the goal of making female's legs appear more. Louboutins are known to be favorites of different celebrities, including Danielle Steel, who's said to own more than 6,000 pairs of the shoes of his. She's also mentioned as his biggest client to date, purchasing much more than eighty pairs at one time.

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