Christian Dior Net Worth of 10 Million Dollars

Christian Dior was a French fashion designer that received a net worth of ten million. Christian Dior was created in Granville, Manche, France in January 1905 and passed out in October 1957. He's famous to be the founding father of the Christian Dior fashion house. He sold fashion sketches for ten cents each outside of the house of his. School was left by him and began a small art gallery with help from the dad of his and available art by Other artists and pablo Picasso. Throughout 1937 he was used by trendy designer Robert Piguet. Dior served in the army and then worked for Lucien Lelong. Dior started the own fashion house of his in 1946. Females protested the models of his because they covered up the legs of theirs. Christian Dior's fashion house has become owned by Groupe Arnault. Christian Dior passed away on October twenty three, 1957 at fifty two years of age. Some reports have him dying of a heart attack upon choking holding a fish bone however, the exact conditions of his passion be undisclosed.

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