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Chow Yun-Fat Net Worth of 100 Million Dollars

Chow Yun Fat is a Hong Kong actor with a net worth of hundred million. He's famous in Asia for working with John Woo in genre films such as An even better Tomorrow, The Killer, along with Hard Boiled, and he's recognized at the West for the roles of his in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. He's won 3 Hong Kong Film Awards for "Best Actor" and 2 Golden Horse Awards for "Best Actor" in Taiwan. He was created in 1955 within Lamma Island, Hong Kong and grew up in a farming community on Lamma Island in a house which had zero electricity. With 17, he quit school to help support the household by doing odd jobs including bellboy, camera salesman, postman, and taxi driver. The life of his started to change as he responded to a newspaper ad and the actor trainee application of his was acknowledged by TVB, the nearby television viewing station. He signed a three year contract with the studio and also made the acting debut of his. It didn't take much time for Chow to become a household name in Hong Kong following the part of his in the hit series The Bund in TVB found 1980. The Bund, regarding the rise as well as autumn of a gangster in 1930s Shanghai, made him a star. It was one of the most popular TV series ever produced in Hong Kong and was a hit throughout Asia. Even though he was achieving success for tv, the goal of his was working in films, and also in 1986, he appeared in the first gangster action melodrama of his, A much better Tomorrow, which was a huge hit of Hong Kong. In the mid' 90s, Chow moved to Hollywood to try to duplicate the success of his in Asia. His first 2 movies, The Replacement Killers and the Corruptor, were box office disappointments. Even thought the film suffered in the box office, from the next film Anna of his and the King, Chow teamed up with Jodie Foster. Chow recognized the role of Li Mu Bai in the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which became a winner at the international box office and the Oscars. Throughout 2007, Chow was cast as the pirate captain "Sao Feng" in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, however, the character of his was omitted when the movie was shown in mainland China due to criticism that the character of his was demeaning and vilified and humiliated the Chinese. Chow has been married twice; first in 1983, to Candice Yu who's an actress from Asia Television Limited but sadly the marriage only lasted 9 months. In 1986, Singaporean Charaine Zheng was married by Chow. The 2 remain married today and currently, the couple have no kids.

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