Casey Nezhoda

Casey Nezhoda Net Worth of 1.5 Million Dollars

Casey Nezhoda is an American reality tv personality with a net worth of 1.5 million. Casey Nezhoda is famous to be featured in the A&E Network's reality TV series Storage Wars through 2013 to 2014. Casey and the husband Rene Nezhoda of her were recurring cast members of the 4th season of Storage Wars and became main cast members for the 5th season. They're known as The Bargain Hunters and have the 7,000 square foot Bargain Hunters thrift shop in Poway, California near San Diego. Casey's husband Rene is a native of Germany. Rene is accompanied by Casey to auctions and often desires to keep the jewelry they find until Rene says they can't. Storage space Wars has been airing on A&E after 2010 and revolves around storage space auctions.

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