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CaCee Cobb Net Worth of 2 Million Dollars

Cacee Cobb is an American media personality with a net worth of two million dollars. Cacee Cobb is married to "Scrubs" actor Donald Faison and is possibly best known as the former assistant of Jessica Simpson. Born in Denton County, Texas on December three, 1977, there's very little known about Cacee Cobb's early life as the appearance of her in the media began once she evolved into Jessica's assistant. In fact, all of the appearances of her on television have been on shows associated with the famous and rich Simpson sisters. Jessica Simpson, who also became Cobb's friend, has been present on major function in the life of Cacee. She was present in the engagement party with actor Donald Faison and was bridesmaid at the wedding of her on December 2012. Ashley Simpson was also present in this particular party. Cacee has become married to Donald Faison. Cacee has had small roles in the reality shows "Newlyweds: Jessica" and Nick, "Jessica Simpson: The price of Beauty", and 2010´s "Jessica Simpson: The Price of Beauty". On January 2013, Cacee and Donald announced she was pregnant with the first kid of theirs, Rocco, which was created in August that season. Cacee Cobb celebrated the baby shower of her with Jessica Simpson along with some other friends. While Cacee Cobb is not regularly contained in the entertainment business; it's believed that she'll eventually make a breakthrough given her famous friend and husband.

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