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Boyd Coddington Net Worth of 12.5 Million Dollars

Boyd Coddington was an American hot rod designer that received a net worth of 12.5 million. Boyd Coddington was created August eighteen, 1944 in Rupert, Idaho. He grew up reading every car and hot rod magazine he could get the hands of his on & got his first car (a 1931 Chevrolet truck) at age eight. He attended machinist trade school and then finished a three year apprenticeship in machining. In 1968, he moved to California where he built hot rods by day and also worked as a machinist at Disneyland by nighttime. He quickly became recognized for creating distinctive hot rods and in 1977 he opened the own store of his, Hot Rods by Boyd, in Cypress, California. As luck would get it, the very first major customer of his was Vern Luce whose car, a 1933 coupe, won the Al Slonaker Award in the 1981 Oakland Roadster show. Coddington was known for his clean, elegant designs combining old school with what was to become popular as the "Boyd Look". It showcased radically transformed vintage hair styling, but re engineered about scratch-built and modern components in the customer's preference. One of Coddington's signature innovations was the custom fabricated alloy wheels of his, typically machined out of a solid billet of 6061 forged aluminum, an industry first. Together with John Buttera, Boyd pioneered this particular billet machined look and applied it not just to wheels, but freely throughout the car. In 1988, Coddington founded Boyd's Wheels, Inc., to manufacture and market the custom billet wheels of his. The popularization of his of machined billet wheels had broad influence, ultimately spreading from the hot rod world to enormously influence the popularity of custom rims inside the hip hop culture. Even thought was readmitted a few days later, Coddington was hospitalized on December thirty one, 2007 and discharged shortly after New Year's Eve. Even thought Coddington died on February twenty seven, 2008, doctors performed surgery. His publicist released a statement which Coddington was a long time diabetic who died with difficulties that were brought on out of a recently available surgery for a perforated colon, together with sepsis and kidney difficulties.

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