Bob Sapp Net Worth of 3 Million Dollars

Bob Sapp is an American kickboxer, mixed martial artist, actor, professional wrestler, comedian and former master American football player who has a net worth of three million. Born Robert Malcolm Sapp on September twenty two, 1974, in Colorado Springs, US, Colorado, he's largely popular in Japan in which he's a combined fight record of 22-32-1. Also known as "The Beast," Sapp started the sports career of his playing college football as a standout offensive lineman for the Faculty of Washington. In the 1997 NFL Draft Sapp was selected 69th overall by the Chicago Bears. Even though he was under pro contract for the following 4 seasons (with 4 different teams) he appeared in only one regular season game before being suspended by the NFL for alleged steroid misuse. Following his not marvelous NFL career, Bob Sapp switched the concentration of his to martial arts by introducing a pro wrestling occupation with NWA Wildside found 2001. Shortly after, he inked a contract with the World Championship Wrestling as a developmental wrestler. In 2004, Sapp could be seen fighting for New Japan Pro Wrestling, getting the winner of the IWGP of theirs Heavyweight Championship, as well as the first black male to accomplish the feat. But, the deal of his was shortly vacated due to a mixed martial arts fight damage and film commitments. Subsequently, he have recruited by the Japanese MMA organization PRIDE, where the preternatural size of his and then aggression rapidly made him a fan favorite. Sapp's many wins in Pride were followed by Kazuyoshi Ishii's invitation to K 1. Ishii, inventor of the combat sport K 1, recognized a combo of very good marketability and very good opportunity found Sapp.

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