Bob Guccione Net Worth of 400 Million Dollars

Bob Guccione was an American businessman that had a peak net worth of 400 million bucks. Bob Guccione was born Robert Charles Joseph Edward Sabatini Guccione in Brooklyn, New York in December 1930 and passed out in October 2010. He was best famous as the founder and published of adult magazine Penthouse. He was married and had a child just before he was twenty years of age. Penthouse started in England in 1965 and in North America in 1969 to compete with Playboy. Stories about scandals government cover ups, corruption and was had by penthouse. For Penthouse's early issues Bob photographed most of the models himself. Unlike Hugh Hefner, Guccione were living a more peaceful life in the Manhattan mansion of his. In 1976 he financed the porn movie Caligula for 17.5 million. He started the publications Omni, Viva, and Longevity in addition to Penthouse. Guccione said that Penthouse grossed somewhere between 3.5 to four billion more than thirty years and also netted nearly 500 million. He was unsuccessful with ventures the Penthouse Boardwalk Hotel and Casino, along with a nuclear fusion power plant. The publisher of Penthouse General Media declared bankruptcy in 2003 and Guccione resigned as CEO and chairman of Penthouse International, Inc. Bob was married 4 times including to his last wife April Dawn Warren. In 2004 he'd surgery for throat cancers. He later was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Bob Guccione passed away on October twenty, 2010, 2 weeks prior to turning eighty.

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