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Blanket Jackson Net Worth of 100 Million Dollars

Blanket Jackson, created in La Mesa, California, on February twenty one, 2002 is the 3rd kid the musical legend, the Late Michael Jackson. Blanket Jackson has a net worth of hundred million. Blanket's mom is a surrogate whose identity remains unknown. He's 2 siblings, Paris Michael Katherine and Michael Joseph "Prince" Jackson.

Blanket grew up at the famous Neverland Ranch in Santa Barbara County, California, with his 2 half siblings. The grandmother Katherine Jackson of theirs took custody of all the 3 kids, following death of the dad of theirs in 2009.This was in accordance with Michael Jackson's wishes the mother of his be the long term guardian of the three.

Be as it may, in the entire year 2012, Katherine Jackson declared that she intended to share custody of Blanket Jackson and the half siblings of his with his older cousin TJ Jackson. Blanket Jackson very first appearance on television was on tv documentary Living with Michael Jackson in 2003.By then he was the documentary and a baby focused on Michael Jackson's family members. He also came out in shows as Oprah Winfrey Show and X Factor. His dad clarified the meaning of his son's nickname "Blanket", thinking it meant to envelope, coverage or' blanket' someone with love.

Blanket Jackson was at the focal point of discussion as being a baby when the father Michael of his was seen dangling him by a hotel balcony of trip to Germany. He was flaunting the kid of his to some sizeable amount of fans that had gone to the hotel to see him. Later his dad regretted the actions of his. The action brought a good deal of furor and interest from the media and different celebrities.

In the early childhood of his, Jackson and his half siblings wore veils and masks in a bid to hide the identity of theirs. This was also ridiculed heavily from many quarters by people that felt it had been much more for the kids however, Michael Jackson defended his steps saying it had been hiding the identities of theirs from media, fans and paparazzi. He further added it was an attempt for the children of his to live normal lives as some other children.

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