Billy Crystal Net Worth of 45 Million Dollars

Billy Crystal is an American actor, producer, writer, comedian and film director with a net worth of forty five million dollars. Producer, director, writer, actor, and a comedian, Billy Crystal is most widely recognized for the comedic roles of his in such films as, "The Princess Bride", "City Slickers", and "When Harry Met Sally". He's received several Emmy and American Comedy Awards, and won a 2005 Tony Award for the one man show of his, "700 Sundays".

Born William Edward Crystal on March fourteen, 1948, in New York City, he appeared as a renaissance male to a bygone era and rightfully earned the site of his as among Hollywood's most endearing stars through the 1980s and 1990s. He started to refine the comedic talents of his like a young boy together with the older brothers of his as they reprized comedy routines from the likes of Bob Newhart, Rich Little and Sid Caesar records the dad of theirs would bring. This will let Crystal got the comedy clubs of the town by storm as being a teen. He was able to make a name for himself on television, especially as a mid 1980s cast member of "Saturday Night Live" (NBC, 1975), as well as with 2 HBO comedy specials. It wasn't long before, Crystal cemented the status of his as a full fledged film star of films as "When Harry Met Sally" (1989), "City Slickers" (1991) and later on "Analyze This"(1999). Likewise, he was frequently hosting the annual Academy Awards, that he was regarded as one of the top emcee the ceremony had ever had. In addition to the above, Crystal would go on to lend his vocal talents to the Disney/Pixar mega hit "Monsters, Inc." (2001) and to mount an one man Broadway show devoted to the memory of the late father of his in 2004. Be it as a comedian, actor, writer, director, emcee or producer, Crystal continues to be one of the most flexible, beloved and prolific figures worldwide of entertainment.

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