Bill Pullman Net Worth of 18 Million Dollars

Bill Pullman is an American actor with a net worth of eighteen million dollars. Bill Pullman came into this world in Hornell, in 1953, New York, and attended the State Faculty of New York at Delhi and the State Faculty of New York at Oneonta just before earing his master's degree in fine arts from the Faculty of Massachusetts Amherst. He returned to Later Montana and suny Delhi State Faculty to teach theater. Pullman earned his very first important video part with an appearance in "Ruthless People" along with Bette Midler and Danny DeVito. He proceeded to star in "Spaceballs", the Rainbow" and "The Serpent, "While You were Sleeping" and the 1996 hit "Independence Day". Of the early 2000s, Pullman returned to Broadway in a production of the Tony Award winning play "The Goat, and Who's Sylvia?". Pullman published the first play of his, "Expedition 6", that opened in 2007 at the Magic Theater in San Francisco. Other movie and TV credits are "Casper", "Lost Highway", "Lake Placid", "The Grudge", "The Killer Inside Me", "Too Big to Fail", Order and "law: Special Victims Unit" and "1600 Penn". Pullman and the wife of his, Tamara Hurwitz, have 3 kids together. He co owns a ranch in Montana with the brother of his and is on the Board of Trustees at Alfred Faculty in New York.

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