Anil Agarwal Net Worth of 3.3 Billion Dollars

Anil Agarwal is an Indian entrepreneur with a net worth of 3.3 billion. Born in 1954 inside Patna, Bihar, India, Anil Agarwal earned the wealth of his as chairman and founder of the Vedanta Resources Corporation, among the biggest mining and non ferrous metal companies in India. In 1976, Sterlite Industries, a company operating in the manufacturing sphere, was started by him as well as later on, throughout 1986, Vedanta Resources, and that is the first Indian business entity that has achieved a listing on the London Stock Exchange was foundered by Agarwal. Now, the corporation's top office is based in the United Kingdom, and it's the major zinc producer and also the second copper producer in the globe. Moreover, Agarwal has donated a bulk of money to build the Vedanta Faculty in Orissa, India. Currently, "The Metal King" lives a luxurious life of London, together with the wife of his and 2 children.

In September 2014, Anil Agarwal announced the intention of his to join Bill Gates and Warren Buffett's giving pledge. Anil revealed that after meeting with Bill Gates, his family decided they will give away seventy five % of the fortune of theirs. At the present wealth level of his, which amounts to merely under 2.5 billion for charity. The Agarwal family will all the same be truly worth about 825 million. No word yet on what specific areas of philanthropy Anil is specializing in.

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