Andy Souwer

Andy Souwer Net Worth of 8 Million Dollars

Andy Souwer is a Dutch shoot boxer who has a net worth of eight million. Andy Souwer came into this world in Den Bosch, Netherlands in November 1982. Souwer is a welterweight and is a 2 time K 1 World MAX Champion in 2005 and 2007. He's also a 4 period Shootboxing World tournament championship. Andy began kickboxing from 7 years of age and had the 1st battle of his at 8. He started to be Dutch Champion winning just about all of the fights of his in all of the weight classes. At just sixteen years of age he picked up his first A Class MTBN Title fight and Souwer held 3 different World titles at eighteen. He won the S Cup 2002 shoot boxing competition in Japan and made the K-1 debut of his in 2003 & won his first K 1 World Max championship in 2005. As of December 2014 the kickboxing record of his is 153 wins, 1 draw, and 15 losses. In March 2014 he made the professional boxing debut of his beating Paata Varduashvili.

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