Andy Dick Net Worth of 3 Million Dollars

Andy Dick is an American comedian and actor with a net worth of three million. Andy Dick came into this world on December twenty one, 1965 in Charleston, South Carolina. Besides being an actor and comedian, Andy is in addition a musician, producer, and vocal over artist. Andy is probably most widely recognized for the work of his on multiple television viewing series, including "The Ben Stiller Show", "Newsradio", "Less Than Perfect", and the own show of his, "The Andy Dick Show". More recently, Andy has appeared on Dancing with the Stars and also celebrity wife swap. Outside of tv, Andy has appeared in dozens of major motion pictures. His biggest films to date are probably "In the Army Now", "Old School", "Zoolander", "Road Trip" & "The Cable Guy". Andy has struggled with alcohol and drugs over the years and has experienced a selection of brushes with the law. He was married to a girl named Ivone Kowalczyk for 4 years that created a son named Lucas. He also had a relationship with a girl named Lena Sved. Andy has a son as well as daughter with Lena. At one point, both girls and all 3 kids followed in similar house on a property which Andy owned.  Andy lived in an RV in the driveway.

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