Ana Kasparian Net Worth of 2 Million Dollars

Ana Kasparian is an American co host and producer with a net worth of two million. Ana Kasparian came into this world in Los Angeles, California in July 1986. She earned a Bachelor of Arts, Journalism from California State Faculty, Northridge found 2007. Ana additionally earned the Master of her of Arts in Political Science from Cal Northridge found 2010. She worked as an assistant producer for CBS Radio news stations KNX and KFWB in Los Angeles, CA. She's also worked for AOL News, YouTube, On Point, and TidalTv. Kasparian is the producer as well as co host just for the online news show The Young Turks. She started doing work as a fill in producer for the short in 2007. Ana has often came out on the stations RT as well as RT America. He's also co hosted TYT Faculty and holds The Point on the TYT Network. She's also co produced the 2010 TV movie documentary quite short Who's Cenk Uygur? Throughout 2010 Kasparian came out in the brief Hopeless. She's also came out on the series TYT Arm Wrestling Tournament, The Aloyna Show, and TakePart Live.

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