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Alex Chan Net Worth of 10 Million Dollars

Alex Chan is a Canadian entrepreneur that has an estimated net worth of ten million.

Although the portfolio of his is as diverse as it's expansive, coming from media to hospitality, it's the participation of his in the cult website Celebrity Net Worth that has made him an instantly recognisable name online. Born in Hong Kong, Alex has that rare but happy mixture of technical power and imagination, leading him to study engineering in the Faculty of British Colombia.

After effectively walking away with an Engineering degree, Alex immediately snagged a job as an engineer at Hutchison Telecom in Hong Kong, incidentally the world's first provider of 3G. however, it was not long before Alex founded the first company of his, Green Grass Media, publisher of multiple lifestyle websites, and 5 years later sold for his 1st one Million.

This was followed by several consultant roles: first at Great North Online marketing, creating a banking platform that bridged the gap between overseas banks and freelancers, as well as building many program for operating banks in the UK, US, Amsterdam and Germany; and secondly from Build For Search, once famously helping a website receive 1 million unique hits in a 24-hour window, as well as advising companies on the really current trends in SEO.

2009 was a defining season for Alex's career, founding multiple companies, including umbrella tight Wellness Media Group. The organization and the properties of its now have a full editorial staff, over 3 million followers and is typically cited in the media as the go to power for facts and also information.

Alex's success has not been restricted to online, either: also, he has a couple of real estate investments, including 2 very successful restaurants, among which is the renowned Bloor Street Warehouse in Toronto. Fast turning the city's premium' dive bar' just one annum following opening.

Most recently, Alex partnered with full service digital marketing and advertising company AntiSocial Media Solutions, joining a management team of business professionals invested in development and technology. As one of the leading companies of the type of its in Vancouver, Canada, Alex allows several of the biggest brands in the city expand their online reach.

Whether global acquisitions or electronic marketing and advertising, Alex has spent the last ten years improving the expertise of his and growing the portfolio of his. And also naturally, he is always on the lookout for the following significant point of tech.

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