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Ahmed Zayat Net Worth of 50 Million Dollars

Ahmed Zayat net worth: Ahmed Zayat is an Egyptian American entrepreneur and owner of Thoroughbred race horses with a net worth of fifty million. He presently acts as the CEO of Zayat Stables, LLC, a Thoroughbred horse racing business with horses placed in numerous locations throughout the United States. Zayat was born in Cairo to a well off Jewish family where he grew up riding horses. With eighteen, he relocated from Egypt to the Country where college was attended by him and eventually received a Master's degree in public health and business from Boston Faculty. Right after a short career in business real estate in New York City, he returned to Egypt, and also for aproximatelly 10 yrs ran the Al-Ahram Beverages Company, a company he owned as part of an investment group. Following the company was bought by Heineken found 2002, Zayat started investing in racehorses and established Zayat Stables throughout 2005. In 2007, he returned to the Country and built the business with his son.  The company,  Zayat Stables, has around 200 horses at any one time. Zayat Stables ranked second in the country for earnings in 2007, third in 2009, quarter in 2010 and fifth nationally in 2011. In between 2006 and 2014, Zayat Stables ranked in the top 10 leading owners by purse money won in 6 of those years and always in the top 20. Zayat lives in Teaneck, New Jersey with the wife of his, Joanne. The couple have 4 kids: Justin, Benjamin, Ashley, and Emma.

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